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First off, I want you to know that this site is for you as well as Adults. Secondly, there is something that you should know that many adults don’t know; it’s this: according to Jewish law, a male or female is accountable as an adult from the age of 13.

The reason I am saying this is because many people talk about teens being responsible, but don’t take the time to train them to be responsible.

The other day I was in a high school. For what I saw go on in there it gave me flashbacks. Teachers were getting down on students for weaves, short skirts, and one poor unfortunate boy missed and showed up out of uniform to bring some work to a teacher in a folder. He wasn’t in school mind you, he just came to bring work. He was lectured for it.

Now I know that young people are supposed to have respect for their elders, but why so intense on the skirt/hair/uniform issue and knives are still showing up in school? Shouldn’t they pay more attention to that?

Many of you teens have to contend with school, home, jobs and other issues and have pressuring issues that are just as serious as adults. It happened to me. My adult responsibilities began when I was 7. Sometimes I feel like I haven’t caught up yet. It’s time to stop the cycle!

I know your parents care for you, but not every teens life situation is all ‘sweetness!’ A lot of adults tell you to it’s going to be alright and hold on, but hold on to what? It’s good to give advice, but you need answers!

I want you to have the chance to ‘catch up’ during these years so you don’t have to wait until you grow up to be free.

Believe me, a lot of people will treat you poorly now that you are young and be a total suck up if you happen to break in to the prestige clique when you get older. Not good!

When I was in school, I had teacher’s who were the good, the bad and the ugly. Thankfully many were in the good category. How did I survive? I was a Christian and now matter how bad I felt being left out of things as a teen, I never…. ever let anyone tell me what to think, who to believe in, or shake my faith in God. That was back in the day. Unless you die young (God forbid!) the future must and will come up and you have the power in God to control it!

Doing witchcraft, having sex, beating someone up because they did, or said some thing you don’t like, or selling drugs is not the answer! Even if an adult suggests these things to you it-is-still-wrong! Doing those things I mentioned above won’t make you feel better if your mother has two boyfriend, it won’t clear things up if you don’t have enough to eat at home, doing these things won’t help if you have a father who isn’t a father.

Let’s be real! Some grown-ups lie, and do wrong, but that’s because they were lied to or treated badly when they were young! Remember that they are human too!

This site is all about helping you teens who are living the double life of the child/adult. You need answers and you are going to get them. Tell me the truth; would you be so quick to sleep with some one if you weren’t pressured to do it, or if things were nicer at home? no, you would not!

I am here to give you the same options that I give adults. It’s like I tell people, I can give you the advice, but I can’t sit around and baby-sit you until you do what you should. So what will it be? Are you ready to take on the challenge of the adult world even though you are not of age?Face it! You already have the stressful issues; now you will have some one like me to help guide you and give you a way out!

Going to church is a good way to get become spiritual, but it is not enough. There are things you can do in a group, or by yourself. Search this site and you will see what I mean.

It’s like God told me, obey Him and keep his commandments, seeks His face and get to know Him. God told me this is the only way to stay out of

dummies retreat’! This is where too many adults lose out, so this is where you come in. Get out of dummies retreat and unlock the secrets of life that God has to offer!

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