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These days teens and young people have it pretty tough, but some of the goings on of the past make today’s issues look like child’s play.  Read this:
Romulus and Remus

They mythology of the Romans taught that the empire began with two orphaned boys named Romulus and Remus, who were nurtured by a she-wolf.  Their importance to the early Romans was observed by a national day of "purification", associated with the "wolf" (Latin lupis) that preserved their lives.

Each year on their February 15, a purification festival was held which was called "Lupercalia", or wolf festival.  2 youths (who represented Romulus and Remus) ran around the city in the nude, laughing and whipping around strips of wolf skins, dipped in blood.  

Unmarried girls exposed their posteriors to be lashed with these bloody wolf hides, supposedly to imbue fertility.  As part of the ritual, every eligible girl's name was collected and placed in a large "vat" or jar, and all the young men would 'draw' a name from it.  This gives us the phrase 'luck of the draw'.  Whatever name a young man would draw out, that girl would be his consort in the festival.  This was a very solemn religious process.  

"Lupercalia" was changed into "Valentine's Day" and moved to the 14th after being 'Christianized'.  Instead of having nothing to do with the idolatry, it was simply altered slightly and adapted to the new 'universal' religion.  This is where we inherit the custom of 'Valentine's Cards', and HEART SHAPED symbols.  

The shape of the heart is an IVY LEAF, the symbol of Bacchus, the male deity of wine and love (orgiastic).  He corresponds to Nimrod and Tammuz, and also the archer, Saggitarius or 'Cupid'.  Another name for him is Orion, the hunter.  The arrow penetrating the 'heart' symbol represented mating.  Bacchus is seen in art wearing a wreath of ivy leaves on his head during his mating rituals.  

Rome is established on seven 'hills', and each was originally named by the Etruscans.  There were settlements on six of these, but the seventh hill was a boggy swampy place, where the soil was loose.  The Etruscans buried their dead there for centuries.  Because the graves were shallow, dogs would often go there to dig up and feed on the dead bodies!  

The Etruscans named this hill VATICANUS, meaning habitation of dogs.  Later, a Roman ruler named Caligula drained this site, and held enormously popular 'carnivals' (Latin for flesh raising).  Caligula was a devotee of Bacchus, and held orgies and drunked parites on a regular basis.  

The obelisk of Caligula stands today in the center of the chariot wheel design in front of St. Peter's Cathedral (previous page).  The Vatican stands on the same hill where the Etruscans buried their dead, so it is an enormous graveyard.  The tunnels beneath the Vatican have entire walls made of human bones in certain places.

Fossilized Customs 2nd Edition by Lew White p. 42

After reading this I think, it's high time we do as Mr.  White suggested and get out our  Dictionaries and Encyclopedias and do some hard-core research.

During R and R's dirty escapades, Jeremiah and Josiah were two young men who up-and-coming.

Jeremiah (age 20) was called by God to be a prophet and to preach.  King Josiah was 21 at the time. The were very good friends, which was a blessing for Jeremiah.

The book of Jeremiah is not only a revelation of the word of God coming to pass against the rebellious nation of Israel, but also a heart-felt narrative of the personal spirital struggles of Jeremiah during his mission.

Jeremiah started out as a shy, introverted and sensitive young man who needed love and support just like everyone else. God told him his misson as a prophet would be so intense, that he would have to follow a strict order: 
No marriage
No parties
No attending feasts or festivals.

After that, Jeremiah wished that he was never born!  But God told him to try and have a positive outlook.

After Josiah died, things got rough for Jeremiah because the next king was not obedient to God's will.  The Israelites started following behind the paganistic life style of the heathen (bottom, baring girls like the ones I mentioned above).

With prayers, tears and pleading Jeremiah preached to the wayward children of Israel so much to the extent that, eventually, he was thrown out of the temple.

So Isreal didn't listen and they were captured, then led into captivity, and the captivity lasted until Jeremiah was in his 80's.

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