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The Discovery
Book Synopsis
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The Discovery

A young girl learns the beauty of nature after she cultivates a plant and finds it to be the rarest flower in the world.  Fiction


The Dress

A home maker finally gets the opportunity to realize her dreams.  Will she allow fear and uncertainty to hold her back?  Fiction  


The Ring

A young woman lives the exciting life of her alter ego; will ghosts from her past cause her to lose everything she gained?  Based on a real events.


The Rainbow

After stepping into a mystical land, Marissa finds out that getting her rainbow takes more than meets the eye!  Fiction


The Wooden Box

A real estate agent takes on more than she bargains for when she takes on the personality of a house …literally!   A true story



Crystal Waters is caught up in the rivalry of two corporate giants, will survive the disasters their hostility causes?  Fiction


The Promise

The daughters of men call on the goddess Ishtar to bring them husbands from the heavens above; she does…will the world ever be the same again?  Based on historical events


The judge

A female leader chooses a strong warrior to free the land from tyrants; however, the war is won by a very different (and surprising!) source.  Non-fiction

These stories will keep you to the edge of your seat!


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